European Port Of Departure - Dover

1 - Introducing Dover

The town of Dover is located at the outlet of the River Dour, after which the town takes its name, on the southern coast of Kent in England. The town is only 22 miles away from Calais in France, the two are separated by the English Channel. Because of this closeness to the continent of Europe, Dover has developed into a busy cross-Channel ferry port,

Dover was a significant settlement even in the Roman era, as the closest port in Britain to Roman Gaul. The settlement extended over an extensive area up the the Dour valley.

King Henry VIII took a close interest in Dover, as he held the office of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports before he ascended the throne. He specified improvements to Dover castle, and the construction of extra batteries to protect the docks.

In the 2nd World War Dover earned the nickname Hellfire Corner as it came under an onslaught of German shelling and bombing.

Today Dover can boast a lively town community, the busiest ferry port in England, an imposing Norman castle, and the stunning White Cliffs.

2 - The Cruise Port Of Dover

Dover’s cruise port is located on the western side of the harbor, and consists of two large cruise terminals.


Cruise Terminal 1

The dilapidated Dover Western Docks Train Station, which was used for receiving both cross-Channel passengers and soldiers, was renovated into Cruise Terminal 1 in the late 1990s. The terminal boasts efficient embarkation and debarkation, and has a full range of useful services like seating area, bag porters, an information desk, check-in desks, taxi rank and cafe.


Cruise Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is a modern building specially built to offer quick processing of cruise ship passengers. The terminal is a stress-free place to begin your holiday with a full range of useful facilities including taxi rank, toilets, post box, cafeteria and large seating area.


The cruise port’s 1130 capacity car park is right next to Cruise Terminal 1, so no shuttle bus transfers from car park to cruise terminal are needed. You can book your car parking on the internet at the Port Of Dover website, or by telephoning the Port Of Dover Information Office.

See cruises from Dover for a comprehensive list of available cruises. For the port website see Port Of Dover.


3 Out And About In Dover

White Cliffs Of Dover
The White Cliffs of Dover are seven miles of spectacular coastline today under the protection of the National Trust. One great idea is to take the bus to St Margaret’s, then hike the 4 miles back to Dover along the well-signed cliff top footpath. Or if you’d prefer to see the cliffs from beneath, several boat trips departing from Dover enable you a unique perspective of the cliffs up close from the sea.

Dover Castle
Dover Castle ranks among the largest castles in England. It stands proudly on the White Cliffs, defending the bustling port beneath. A considerable part of the castle is 12th century, when Henry II ordered the construction of a square-shaped keep with thick battlements and fortified towers.

St. Margaret’s Bay
St Margaret’s Bay nestles in a dip in the White Cliffs about 3 miles east from Dover. There’s a pretty pebble beach with scenic views over the sea. There’s ample parking, an ice cream stall, and a picnic area. To get to St Margaret's Bay by public transport, take the number 15 bus from Dover - which runs every hour.

Dover Museum
The main attraction at Dover Museum is a Bronze Age Boat held in a special glass case at the center of the main gallery. The boat is of typical Bronze Age construction - oak planks held together by twisted yew. The museum is an easy walk from the cruise dock.

4 Traveling To Dover Cruise Port

By Car
From the M2/A2
Simply head along the M2/A2 road into Dover town and follow the signs for Western Docks and Cruise Terminals.
From the M20/A20
A short distance before Dover there’s a roundabout with one of the exits signed for Cruise Terminals. Take this.

By Train
Southeastern trains provide a rapid service by high speed train from London St Pancras to Dover Priory railway station. Travel time is approximately 80 minutes. Once at Dover railway station there are taxis which can take you to the cruise terminals, about 10 minutes away.

5 Other Information

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