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1 Introducing Brisbane

Brisbane, on the eastern seaboard of Australia about 550 miles north from Sydney, is the continent’s third largest city with over 1.5 residents.

The city was originally a far-flung penal colony built on the bank of the Brisbane river for hardened repeat offenders. The river was a good source of food, such as shellfish, shrimp and crab. In the late 1830s the area’s potential for timbering, farming and fishing caused it to be opened up to free settlement.

In 1859 Queensland was designated as a separate colony from New South Wales, and Brisbane was picked to be the capital. Brisbane’s population rose quickly, numbering some 100,000 by 1890, as local industry and business provided good work prospects. In the 20th century Brisbane grew into a sizeable urban conurbation as suburbs of low density housing spread over an extensive area.

Today, Brisbane is a stylish and multi-cultural city of around 2.2 million people known as among the world's most attractive places for lifestyle, business and leisure.


2 Brisbane Cruise Facilities

Cruise ships berth at 2 locations, Portside Wharf, a baseport terminal at Hamilton near the city center, and the Freight Terminal on Fisherman Island, a day call terminal further away from the city center.

Portside Wharf

The main Brisbane cruise terminal forms part of a large integrated retail, business and residential development, named Portside Wharf. The terminal cannot handle concurrent embarkation and debarkation, so debark is planned before 10am, embark after 11am. Family and friends can watch ships depart from a viewing platform which gives a close-up vantage point to see the wharfside.

Port Of Brisbane Freight Terminal

Cruise ships too large to pass under the Sir Leo Hielscher bridge dock at the Freight Terminal at the Port of Brisbane on Moreton Bay. There are no public transport services linking the terminal to Brisbane, so cruise passengers have to use taxis and buses organised by the cruiseline.

For Brisbane cruise schedules see cruises from Brisbane.


3 Out And About In Brisbane

South Bank Cultural Centre
The South Bank Cultural Centre, beside the south bank of the Brisbane River between the the Victoria bridge and the Kurilpa bridge, is the site of three significant attractions, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Art Gallery. The Queensland Art Gallery features an enviable collection of paintings both realist and abstract, mixed media art elements, sculptures and collages. The Queensland Museum is the guardian of Queensland's natural and cultural heritage with a collection of more than a million objects lending an appreciation into the state's convoluted history. The Gallery of Modern Art, a partner of the Queensland Art Gallery, is just a 5 minute stroll away and focuses on contemporary art.

South Bank Parklands
The South Bank Parklands are situated on the south bank of the Brisbane river, across from the CBD. Stroll up the Grand Arbour, a 1000yd long patch enclosed by curling steel struts holding up a riot of flowers. Or chill out at Streets Beach, a wide stretch of artificial sand beside a large lagoon.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
At the award winning Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary the visitor can meet with many iconic Australian animals, including koalas, platypus, dingos, wombats and crocodiles. After hugging a friendly koala, you can watch the incredible skill of sheep dogs as they cleverly martial sheep by obeying the whistles and the gestures of their master.

Tour of Central District
Important historicial sights in the city center include the Old Windmill, built by convicts in 1828, Parliament House, built in 1868 for the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, the Treasury and Lands Administration building, dating from the 1890s today part of a hotel and casino complex, the Anzac Memorial, built to commemorate all Queenslanders who fought and died in WWI and George Street Mansions, home of Queenland's first woman doctor.

Surfers Paradise
45 miles to the south east of Brisbane lies Surfers Paradise, the heart of the aptly named Gold Coast. The city offers lots to do. Enjoy a lazy lunch in one of the laidback beachside restaurants. Or join the surfers riding the waves sweeping in from the Pacific Ocean.

4 Traveling To Portside Wharf

The Portside Wharf website has detailed directions for reaching the port by car, car or public transport. See Portside Wharf. Note that Portside Wharf has no long term packing facilities, though there are some nearby private operators.

5 Other Useful Information

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