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1 Introducing Sydney

Sydney, with a population of nearly four million, is the biggest city in Australia. The city is sited on the east coast of Australia. The Blue Mountains are located to the west, and the Pacific Ocean to the east.

The city of Sydney was established at the end of 18th century when the first convict fleet arrived in Australia from England. The first colonists had a hard existence, living in wooden hovels, eating insufficient food, and suffering ruthless discipline from the guards. The native people, though, were to suffer even worse, as the diseases brought killed many Aborigines. The warm weather, and the availability of land was a big attraction, and the first free settlers came in 1793. Unconstrained by regulation, the settlement developed quickly through the next hundred years, as the inhabitants set up lots of shops, factories, farms, businesses and mines. Throughout the 20th century, growth continued as migrants came from both Asia and Europe.

Today Sydney is a large, multicultural and modern city, with citizens hailing from all over the world. The city is a popular destination for tourists. Well-known sights include the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach and The Rocks. The city’s many attractions and seaboard location have helped make it Australia’s busiest cruise port, for both cruise departures and visits. More than one hundred and fifty cruiseliners use of Sydney cruise port every year.


2 The Port Of Sydney

The city’s cruise facilities are divided between two locations, the Overseas Passenger Terminal and Wharf 5.

Overseas Passenger Terminal
The Overseas Passenger Terminal offers a 800ft quay, with a capacity of only one full-sized vessel. The terminal is a contemporary building with a complete range of functions for passengers. It offers magnificent views over Sydney Harbour, restaurants and an hotel. The OPT is situated at Circular Quay, across from the Opera House a short walk from Sydney’s sights.

Darling Harbour Wharf 5
During the building of new facilities at White Bay, Wharf 5 at Darling Harbour in Bangaroo is being employed as a short-term terminal. Wharf 5 offers a departure area, an arrivals area, customs control and an immigration area. The terminal is close to the Circular Quay area.

The port website is at port of sydney. For a cruise schedules see cruises from sydney.


3 Out And About In Sydney

The Rocks
The first colonists landed at The Rocks, and several of the structures at The Rocks are near original, examples would be Cadman’s Cottage, Susannah Place, Campbells Storehouse and the Merchants House. Integrated into this historical area, the tourist will see cafes, galleries, bars, restaurants and shops. The Rocks area is near to Circular Quay.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House, located on Bennelong Point on Syney Harbour, is thought by many to be one of the archictectural wonders of the modern world. Designed by Jørn Utzon and constructed with much controversy, it was opened in 1973. If your itinerary allows, watch an opera, a concert or a ballet.. The Opera house is a quick walk up the shoreline from Circular Quay.

Royal Botanic Gardens
The beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens is an oasis of greenery positioned between the harbour and the concrete city center. A walkway leads around the sea front, offering great views over Farm Cove and Sydney Harbour.

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach is famous the world over as as Sydney’s favorite beach. During the summer months Bondi is the place for fun, surf and sun. The sandy beach has a spectacular outlook on a large moon shaped bay of wave swept ocean. From Circular Quay Bus number 380 takes 45 minutes to Bondi.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
A walkway runs across the Sydney Harbour Bridge alongside the roadway. Visit the Pylon Lookout on the southern end of the bridge to see an interesting display on the construction of the bridge. The energetic can sign up for the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, a 3 ½ hour trek to the very top of the bridge. The climb leads you up girders, ladders and catwalks at day or night.

4 Traveling To The Sydney Cruise Terminals

From Sydney Airport
Overseas Passenger Terminal - Take the train from either the International Train Station or the Sydney Airport Domestic station to Circular Quay (green line). The OPT is within walking distance of Circular Quay Station.
Wharf 5 - Take a train from either the International Train Station or the Sydney Airport Domestic station to Wynyard station (Airport and East Hills line). It is a half-mile walk from Wynyard station to Wharf 5. Another option is a cab.

From Central Train Station
Main line trains terminate at the Central Rail Station.
The Inner West and South lines link Central station to the downtown. It’s two stops to Wynyard, and three stops to Circular Quay. An alternative option is a taxi-cab.

By Car
Neither cruise terminal has integrated parking facilities, but long stay parking is available in the area.

5 Other Useful Information

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