Persian Gulf Port Of Departure - Dubai

1 Introducing Dubai

The City of Dubai is a member of the seven emirates of the UAE. The city is situated on the southern coastline of the Gulf of Arabia. Until the 1950s Dubai was an insignificant trading and fishing port. In the following years thanks mostly to incredible oil wealth a towering metropolis has appeared. Everything is larger, taller, and more astonishing. Concrete and glass skyscrapers emerge out of the sterile desert sands and dreamworld islands have been constructed in the sea, shaped like palm trees or unbelievably a map of the world.

The city is now a large trading zone and has become the foremost trading center in the area. The city is called the 'City of Merchants', due to the huge volume of business, or alternatively 'City of Gold', on account of its vast taxfree Gold shops. Dubai's most distinctive aspect is its fabulously over-the-top hotels and its enormous shopping malls, guaranteed to astonish nearly every traveler.

The weather is hot, hot, hot, making it necessary that all buildings are air-conditioned. In winter, Dubai is perfect, dry and balmy, excellent weather for the beach. From spring the temperature can reach 40°C and it can be tiresomely sticky.


2 The Cruise Port of Dubai

Early in 2010 a brand new cruise passenger facility was unveiled forming part of a complete redevelopment of the Rashid area.

The replacement building covers over 3000 square metres and is intended to handle four cruise ships simultaneously so enabling a rising number of cruise ships. Characteristic arches, inscriptions and domes are the main architectural features of the exterior. This facade echoes contemporary Arabic design, and represents Dubai's long history as a trading port. The cruise terminal contains lots of services like currency exchange, business center, duty free shop, ATMs, souvenir shops and a post office.

The cruise terminal offers two free bus shuttles, one to Mercato Mall and City Center, leaving each hour. For a full calendar of ship departures see cruises from Dubai.


3 Out and About in Dubai

Dubai Museum
The Dubai Museum has its home in the Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787 to protect against storming by enemy tribes. Today it shows off the traditions, history and culture of Dubai. You’ll receive an insight into the desert world. The museum reconstruct souks, traditional Arab houses, mosques, pearl diving and date farms.
Sited on the south side of Dubai creek.

Creekside Park and Dubai Creek
Dubai Creek, which bisects the city's Bur Dubai and Deira neighborhoods, is a saltwater thoroughfare that is busy all the time with boats on their way to and from Arabia, India and East Africa. Hire a water taxi for a trip up the Creek and back. To follow walk along the waterfront path, which extends from seafront and attractive Creekside Park. Where you’ll discover fishing piers, a cafe, mini-golf and gardens.

Gold Souk
Even if you are not thinking of buying anything, a tour of the glittering Gold Souk is a must. The stores offer great quantities of platinum, silver, jewels, diamonds and gold. Be sure to negotiate. Either side of the lanes of the gold souk, each shop front is full with gold earrings, watches, bangles, rings and necklaces. Prices are highly competitive. Sited on the north side of Dubai Creek.

Burj Al Arab hotel
The spectacular Burj Al Arab dominates the Dubai skyline. Some would say it’s seven star rating preposterous, nonetheless it has achieved status as a symbol of the city.
The only way to get inside the hotel without paying for a room is to reserve a table at one of the hotel's pricey eating places. One idea is the out-of-this-word Aquarium restaurant. Have a baby-shark watch you eat!

Mall of the Emirates
This enormous Dubai mall is amongst the biggest in the world, and incorporates a cinema multiplex, a theater, two mosques, a ski slope, 80 restaurants and art gallery. But the stores form the main magnet for tourists. You’ll find over 400 shops representing all the brands you can imagine.

4 Travelling to the Dubai Cruise Terminal
Dubai Airport is situated three miles north of the city’s center. The new airport is at Jebel Ali about 15 miles to the southwest of the city’s center. Public transport is not as yet well developed in Dubai, so by far the easiest way to transfer from either of the airports to the cruise terminal is by taxi.

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